13th May 2016



NAPHR (The National Association of Park Home Residents)

                   IPHAS (The Independent Park Homes Advisory Service)

                                   PHOJC (The Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign


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 Park Home Residents,  MP’s, Peers, DCLG, BH & HPA and NCC


In recent days, NAPHR,  IPHAS and the JUSTICE Campaign have been aware of the circulation of negative  information regarding a recent “day of action.”

Jointly, NAPHR, IPHAS and the JUSTICE Campaign confirm they have always worked together closely for the benefit of Residents.

We are part of the same working group and whilst we are not able to discuss matters that arise within that group, we do put up a united front and communicate on matters that we know will affect residents.

Decisions are then made with regard to any support that we are able to provide on our web sites or to our membership.   This was the case regarding the “Day of Action” that we felt unable to support and was published without our permission.

We are also aware that the same unhelpful source is to write to all MP’s with regard to their All Party Parliamentary Group.

We wish it to be known that neither NAPHR, IPHAS or the JUSTICE Campaign are associated with any communications made to MP’s regarding their All Party Parliamentary Group and we (as a united group) wish to be disassociated from the outside source that is purported to be sending them.

Jointly, with the support of thousands of Park Home Residents, MP’s and Peers we have seen the law changed and we are still working towards a better solution for all – and will continue to do so to the best of our ability.

Brian Doick MBE,                   Alan Savory  MBE                       Sonia McColl OBE


Dear Park Home Resident,

We, at NAPHR have carried out extensive enquiries into the serious problems of residents purchasing Mobile Homes that become unfit for purpose within a very short period of time from purchase.
These homes appear to have water leaks in various parts of the home plus dampness and bulges in external wall panelling and rotting timbers and are all made by various manufacturers.
However, it is our aim to correct this flawed construction along with the Unfit for Purpose Warranty Scheme.
We have found that all of the above comes under Consumer Rights which is currently being dealt with by the Citizens Advice Bureau Service who will collect all information on the problems concerned in conjunction with Trading Standards.
It is essential that you make your COMPLAINT to the above people who will give you the correct guidance under the appropriate Act of Parliament as to the way forward with your problem including who you should write to and what to state in your letter.
I must add that this is NOT your local Citizens Advice Office but the Head Office of the organisation, so please listen very carefully to instructions from this office, and you may be on the phone in a queue as they are exceptionally busy, so please be patient.

03454 040506 is the number you require, calls are charged at standard rates.

Further to the above, will you please let us know at NAPHR of you complaints so that we can collate the same evidence so as to continue through Government Sources and further the cause.
CAB inform me that is essential that residents complain as INDIVIDUALS, not as a group or Residents Association.
Obviously you can help each other out for your mutual benefit.

Please contact us if you require any further assistance.

Brian Doick MBE
019023 816247


It is with great delight we are able to announce that our President, Mr Brian Doick, has received an MBE in the Queens New Years Honours, for services to the Park Home Industry.  Brian has worked tirelessly for four decades to help improve the lives of those living in Park Homes, working with other associations and with the Governments, fighting for changes in legislation,in England, Scotland and in Wales, visiting parks up and down the UK, giving help and advice to Park Home owners.

Age UK’s campaign for warm homes

Visit Age UK's website for more information by clicking here: 

Age UK is calling on the Government to roll out an energy efficiency scheme specifically tailored to park home residents, which would enable them to reduce their heating costs and help keep them warm in winter. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN. Print off and complete the Form below and send it to receive in return the petition form which you have to sign and send to the address below.  Please note: DO NOT send the form to NAPHR.


I/we found this information useful.


I/we would like to join the campaign.  Please send me the petition so that I can sign it and share   it with my friends, family and neighbours.


I/we live in a cold park home and would be willing to share our story with Age UK.

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